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Tips to ensure your pool is safe before you dive in

by ShelMarkblog In Uncategorized

27 November 2016

Summer is nearly here and that means pool season for those lucky enough to have a swimming pool at home. But before you let family members and friends dive in, it’s vital you understand the current regulations around pool safety. This information is equally important for landlords to be aware of. In fact in Western Australia, statistics show that tenants are at greater risk of experiencing a backyard pool drowning than homeowners.

With evidence suggesting that a large number of drowning deaths in backyard pools are the result of inadequate fencing (pool fencing that is faulty or non-compliant with Australian Standards), a campaign has been launched to shine the spotlight on pool safety.

The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) has joined forces with the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of WA and the Royal Life Saving Society WA to develop a Guide to Backyard Pool Safety for real estate industry professionals, including sales agents, property managers and landlords, as part of a broader campaign that focuses on this important issue.

The key points addressed in the guide are:

  • All residential swimming pools and spas in WA with a depth greater than 30cm (300mm) must be fenced. Pool owners and landlords have a legal obligation to install and maintain fences and gates that meet current Australian standards.
  • Pool and spa barriers (fencing) must be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure there has been no damage from wear and tear etc.
  • It is recommended that tenants regularly undertake checks of pool and spa fencing themselves and, if a fault/non-compliance issue is detected, they should ensure children are unable to gain unsupervised access to the area and contact their landlord or property manager for urgent repairs. The owner must arrange to address the issue immediately.

The top 5 issues that cause pool and spa fencing to be non-compliant are:

1. Gates and doors that are no longer self-closing.
2. Gates and doors that are no longer self-latching.
3. Gates that are propped open.
4. Ground movement, which may have caused parts of the fence, including the gate, to shift – this has the potential for the gate to no longer shut or latch properly.
5. Climbable objects, such as BBQ’s, chairs and pot plants, near the fence.

Visit www.spasawa.com.au/industry/pool-safety to download a copy of Rules for Pools.

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Melville Talks – the new online forum to have your say

by ShelMarkblog In Uncategorized

18 November 2016

Did you know that the City of Melville has created an online community hub for residents and business owners within our community to come together to have their say and connect?

Launched in April, Melville Talks was also developed to give the community an opportunity to stay up-to-date with projects and developments of interest to them.

City of Melville Mayor, Russell Aubrey said, “The type of projects and conversation topics posted on Melville Talks are diverse, reflecting the well over 200 products and services the City provides to the community.”

He added that information available can include concept plans, sketches, urban and development projects, improvements to public spaces, updates to community facilities, and suburb chats, to name just a few.

Almost 4,000 residents are registered on the community hub. In the first month alone, Melville Talks recorded 13,000 page views and has now recorded a total of 72,000 page views since its launch just a few months ago.

An example of how feedback from the online forum is being used constructively is the recent City’s Housing Needs Survey, which saw more than 3,500 people take part. The collected feedback from the survey will be used to better plan for future housing needs across City of Melville suburbs.

It’s not only projects that are open for discussion on the forum. Melville Talks also provides residents with a place to share knowledge, ideas and community intelligence through Topic Talks and Suburb Talks. There are currently 14 topics of interest open.

To join the conversation, visit www.melvilletalks.com.au.

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How will Trump’s win in the US affect our property market?

by ShelMarkblog In Uncategorized

12 November 2016

As the world watched the US election unfold this week, with many dumbfounded as to how the polls could get it so wrong following the announcement of Donald Trump’s surprise win, Australian property experts were busy compiling preliminary thoughts on how the election results may affect our commercial and residential property markets.

LJ Hooker Head of Research, Matthew Tilley shared his educated thoughts and predictions. He said given the fact that almost all parts of the Australian economy are closely linked to the performance of the US, it is important that there is confidence in the future policy direction of the US government and its President Elect, Mr Donald Trump.

Mr Tilley said that while it’s too early to know exactly what the long-term impacts will be on our economy and property markets, the first thing that will be affected (and it has already begun) will be that our equity markets will lose ground. After a dip, the Australian dollar should rise as investors seek a more stable alternative to the US dollar.

In terms of our property markets, inward investment in the US will be seen to be more risky, which will make us a far more attractive proposition to large foreign investors and institutions as well as “high net worth private buyers” interested in buying residential property here. Before the election, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco were the choice picks of Chinese real estate buyers, who will likely start looking elsewhere, like Australia in the near future.

In summary, Mr Tilley said, “For Australia, the fallout from the election result is all about confidence and sentiment. Buying, selling, investing and consuming are all driven by confidence. The more confident you are with the security of your own income and the destination into which you want to invest, the more you are likely to do so. Therefore, the short term may see investors hold off investing anywhere until things are more certain, however, at the end of the day, this result makes Australia a more attractive, secure and less risky destination for global capital.”

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Crackers for a Cause

by ShelMarkblog In Uncategorized

04 November 2016

We have been proud sponsors of Camp Quality for many years. One of the ways we support this great cause is to auction a $100 gift basket on Auction Day whenever we run an auction. The added bonus of doing so is that the gift basket auction acts as a bit of an icebreaker in the lead up to the property auction.

When we noticed that Camp Quality is running a new campaign in the lead-up to Christmas, we just had to get involved. And it’s a cracker of a promotion too (pardon the pun)!

Watch this short video which tells you all about the campaign.

Essentially, Camp Quality is urging Australians to pledge an amount (from as little as $2) to help Camp Quality create the best quality of life for children growing up with cancer. They have learned that laughter truly is the best medicine.

For a $30 pledge you will receive a ten pack of ‘Christmas Crack-ups’ (Christmas crackers, each filled with a joke and a toy that are actually ‘laugh out loud’ funny). Imagine that – a Christmas cracker that actually makes you laugh!

For a pledge of $50 you receive 2 x 10 pack Christmas Crack-ups etc. Delivery will be early December.

Note: Pledges are only processed if the target of $100,000 is reached before midnight, December 2nd. (A pledge is the promised amount of money that you commit to giving to a project if and when the project hits its targets).

Each year more than 10,000 kids are affected by cancer and another 130,000 children have a parent living with cancer. Together we can lift their spirits and change their lives.

Your pledge or donation will help Camp Quality achieve their goal and ensure they can provide educational programs, support services and life-affirming camps for children and their families living with cancer.

Click on the link to read all about the project and pledge your support.

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