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Survey findings plus Something positive

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28 July 2016

According to the latest findings from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics (HILDA) survey, Western Australia and Queensland were the only two states in Australia that didn’t experience a decline in home ownership between 2002 and 2014. This seems to indicate that the great Australian dream of owning a home is still alive and well on Australia’s West Coast. The biggest declines in home ownership were felt in NSW and Victoria where home ownership rates fell by 4.3% and 7.8% respectively. This shows the vast difference in the way various property markets in Australia behave.

Real Estate Institute of WA (REIWA) President Hayden Groves made the following observation, “In contrast to Victoria and NSW, home ownership is not considered unattainable in WA. In fact, since the slowdown in the mining sector we’ve actually seen housing affordability improve in Western Australia. Combined with record low interest rates and plenty of choice available, it’s a smart time for West Aussie first home buyers to take advantage of local market conditions and achieve their home ownership dream.

For a change of pace and something we think the world needs more of these days, watch this YouTube viral sensation shared by 9 News Perth in July last year but still trending. The video shows what happened one cold winter’s morning on a regular commuter train in Perth packed with people on their way to work for the start of the working week. Nice to see how a Perth based international social movement is demonstrating how simple it can be to uplift each other when we come together through a positive shared experience. Nothing to do with real estate, but we think it’s worth watching, even if only to put a smile on your face.

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Perth’s Top 8

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23 July 2016

Applecross and Como (two of the suburbs we look after) are featured in Perth’s eight highest growth suburbs list for the year from May 2015 to May 2016! The list features the eight suburbs that recorded the highest positive annual house price growth during the 12-month period.

Perth’s Top 8 (in order based on average annual growth to May 2016)

1. Lathlain $860,000 + 11%
2. Swanbourne $1,650,000 + 9.3%
3. South Fremantle $1,040,000 + 7.2%
4. Applecross $1,492,500 + 6.4%
5. Churchlands $1,380,000 + 6.2%
6. Burns Beach $915,000 + 3.6%
7. Landsdale $600,000 + 3.4%
8. Como $910,000 + 3.4%

 While the Perth property market has clearly had its challenges over the past couple of years, it’s good to see there are a number of suburbs across the Perth metropolitan area that are bucking the trend and experiencing solid growth.

In some cases the growth over the past 12 months has been significant. Real Estate Institute of WA (REIWA) President Hayden Groves said, “Pleasingly these high growth suburbs are all within the trade-up sector, rather than first home buyer territory. This shows that more home owners are recognising there is plenty of opportunity in the current real estate market to take their next step.”

If you own a property in Applecross or Como and would be interested to have your home appraised in light of your suburb’s recent growth (even if you have no intention of moving), give us a call on (08) 6267 5151 and we will be more than happy to come out and do that for you.

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City of Melville featured in the news for all the right reasons

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16 July 2016

Last weekend the City of Melville was featured on Channel 9 news’ Sunday Focus program. The feature included an announcement that our local area will soon benefit from being home to “the best shopping centre in Australia and the second biggest employment hub in the city”. Judging by the comments on Channel 9’s Facebook page, the news has many locals excited about the prospect of how the growth, changes and new infrastructure in our City will impact positively on property values.

According to Mayor Russell Aubrey, the City of Melville is home to over 45 different cultures, making it a vibrant and harmonious place to live. Catering for the increase in population, which is expected to reach 107,000 by the end of the year, is a massive overhaul to Garden City Shopping Centre. On completion, Garden City will be double its original size and the second largest employment hub in the city.

For those of you wondering where the land to increase the size of the centre on such a massive scale will come from, Mayor Aubrey said we can expect to see some changes in the City over the next two years. The limestone amphitheater will go and the Civic Centre Library is being relocated to make way for the Melville City Centre. The City Centre will include a Masterchef restaurant and many alfresco dining options. Mayor Aubrey said, “This will be a very very vibrant centre” adding that Garden City will be “the best shopping centre in Australia”.

In terms of employment growth, the City predicts the area of Murdoch, consisting of the University and Fiona Stanley Hospital, will be the biggest employment centre outside the CBD. Mayor Aubrey said, “We’re talking about 35,000 people living and working in the Murdoch area.”

As for the controversial Roe Highway extension, Mayor Aubrey said it is necessary to keep traffic flowing and the City’s roads safer.

Another issue the report said the City is tackling is housing, with multi-level medium density housing becoming more prevalent in the area. More than 1,000 new apartments have been approved for development around Riseley Street and the Canning Bridge area.

Mayor Aubrey said the vision and plan that is now coming to fruition is to create a City in which people can live, work and play; a City that has a greater level of employment, greater housing options and more recreational, dining and shopping facilities.

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Elections, Credit Ratings & Sobering News for Perth

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08 July 2016

Australians have had their say at the polls but we’re still without a clear leader. In fact, as at around 4:30 pm on Thursday there were still more than 16% of votes to be counted. With all this uncertainty, it came as no surprise to learn that the RBA Board decided to leave the official cash rate on hold at the historic low of 1.75% earlier this week. But with continuing signs of weakening local economic activity and growing concerns over the international economy, the likelihood of a cut in interest rates over the coming months is increasing according to financial experts.

Australia’s AAA credit rating at risk

We also had news this week, in the wake of the election that Australia’s AAA credit rating is currently on S & P’s (Standard and Poor’s) watch list. Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison has described the potential downgrade of our credit rating as “sobering” and has urged all members of the forthcoming parliament to “reflect on the need for government to live within its means”.

More sobering news for Perth – but there is always a silver lining

More sobering news for two Australian cities came with the release of Core Logic’s national Home Value Index on July 1. All but Perth and Darwin experienced growth in dwelling values over the past 12 months (Perth’s average dwelling value fell by 4.2% over the past 12 months, while Darwin’s fell by 3.5%). The strongest growth in dwelling value over the past 12 months occurred in Melbourne (13.9%) followed closely by Sydney (13.1%).

The report showed that the pace of capital gains in June was substantially lower however, indicating a slowing down of the market. Perth’s dwelling values are 7.4% lower than they were when the market peaked in December 2014. Perth’s median house price now stands at $505,000.

The silver lining…

The important thing to remember is that it’s the changeover that matters most when you’re buying and selling. For instance, it’s a great time to be upgrading in a market that is at or close to bottoming out, as you’re more likely to find a great buy. It’s also a good time to be a first homebuyer as now is the ideal time to enter the market before it starts to rise again (which it always does).


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Negative gearing – WA property investors say it needs to stay

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02 July 2016

As we prepare to head to the polls this Saturday REIWA has been busy engaging with the WA community to learn their views on property investment and negative gearing. They especially wanted to learn how negative gearing benefits everyday Western Australians.

Last week we shared some preliminary results from the survey and community engagement strategy. The results have now been collated and we can report that the overall consensus is that negative gearing has to stay.

For starters, the survey debunked the myth that property investment is reserved for the wealthy. Most respondents had modest portfolios of just one or two properties and were earning a gross annual salary of less that $100,000.

More than half of the respondents said they would stop investing in property if negative gearing is changed.

REIWA President Hayden Groves said, “If this is the case, we’ll see a significant impact on the supply of private rental accommodation. Rent prices will also increase as they did in the eighties when negative gearing was removed.”

Respondents were also asked if they felt restricting negative gearing tax arrangements to newly built homes would restrict their choices. The majority of respondents felt it would.

Mr Groves commented that he believed the proposed changes to negative gearing are based on the behavior of stronger markets in the eastern states. “Our public discussions with the WA community have reaffirmed the need for broader tax reform where the system is simple, fair and efficient, rather than tinker with one part of what is a very complex system,” he said. “No matter what the outcome of the Federal Election, we’ll be continuing our discussions with all political parties to ensure that the benefits of property investment for all West Aussies are considered during any future tax reform.”

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The latest in modern marketing is now available at Shelmark

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02 July 2016

We are excited to announce a breakthrough in property marketing that we are now actively using to further improve your home selling and buying experience!

All our new sellers will now have the benefit of our new Web Books (multimedia marketing brochures) and Intelli SMS system, which prompts prospective buyers to text a key word to a mobile phone number to instantly receive a digital mobile friendly Web Book link about the property direct to their phones. It’s like a fully glossy brochure but without the paper and can even include video tours or video of the owners talking about what they love about the home and their surroundings etc.

The best way to describe the features and benefits of both new marketing features is with an example, using one of our latest property listings.

Simply text the street name, as prompted in the icon below, to the number shown to see how it works.

(NOTE The mobile number is a ‘dummy’ number used for the purpose of sending you the marketing link only. It is NOT a number linked to any telemarketing company. In fact it is not a real phone number at all).

This is the very latest breakthrough in modern marketing and we are proud to be among the first in Australia to use it for the benefit of our clients.

Connect with us on Facebook to let us know what you think of our new modern marketing system and be the first to hear about special property previews and have access to other exciting news and announcements.

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