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Making the decision to sell your home or investment property is one of life’s major milestones. Whether you are selling to upgrade, relocate to another area, cash up or downsize, it can be an exciting journey or a complex and overwhelming one without the right support and guidance.

At SHELMARK we work hard to ensure the property sale journey is as easy and stress-free for you as possible. We call it the SHELMARK Difference.

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Did you know we can help get your home ready for sale?

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14 February 2017

Did you know we offer a free home assessment and can also manage the refurbishment and home styling for you completely free of charge?

As part of our obligation-free appraisal service we provide a home consultation during which we assess your property and recommend any action that, based on our experience, we feel would result in a better price and a faster sale.

In other words, If you need painting, plumbing, electrical work, gardening, high pressure spray washing, house and window cleaning, home styling (and virtually anything else you could think of to make a better first impression to buyers), we can manage the whole process for you at no extra cost whatsoever.

We have delivered this service to numerous clients, the latest being the delighted owners of 5/26 Allerton Way, Booragoon which, after some TLC and property styling, had an offer accepted and contract issued on day 1 of being on the market.

Many owners have commented to us that they would have struggled to find the time to pull all the services together. They said having us take over and manage the entire process (only asking for approval to pay for any recommended services) took the pressure off them and made the whole process so easy. Many have also said that paying a few thousand dollars to ‘polish’ their home was highly worthwhile from a financial perspective as it resulted in them achieving more than they had anticipated.

Home styling – when is it recommended?

Professional home styling can make a dramatic difference (sometimes tens of thousands of dollars more) to the outcome of your sale. And contrary to what many think, professional styling isn’t reserved for the rich.

Here are some good reasons to consider professional property styling:

  • The right styling theme (suited to the target market and your area) can make a dramatic difference to the perceived value of the property.
  • The WOW factor generates positive emotion and emotion sells (remember, buyers make a decision to buy when they can imagine themselves living in the home).
  • Property stylists deliver objectivity to the look and feel of your property.
  • The right styling can increase the sense of space and light in your home and make the most of any views.

We commonly recommend professional styling on properties that are vacant, e.g. properties that were tenanted and the tenants have vacated. We may also recommend property styling for properties that could do with a little extra ‘wow factor’ to match a fabulous location.

Give Shelley or Mark a call to learn more about how we could help make your property stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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Web books – what are they & how do they work?

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11 February 2017

Many of you may have noticed a new initiative we have introduced as part of our new modern marketing strategies. The initiative – called ‘web books’ – prompts potential buyers to click on a link or text a key phrase (commonly the street name and house number) to a virtual number that we have set up purely for this purpose. The buyer is then automatically sent the web book, which is essentially a digital brochure that they can flick through on their phone or any mobile or personal computer device anywhere, any time.

The best way to explain how it works is with an example. Buyers often like to drive by a property before deciding whether or not they wish to take a look inside. By being prompted to text to receive the web book, they are able to view details of the property, including all features and inclusions; high quality photos; the floor plan; pricing, rates and fees; and even video in some cases.

To get an idea of what a web book looks like, text BATEMAN to 0416907819 or click on http://tinyurl.com/zw273tg

Sellers and buyers love it because it’s easy and it’s instant. From a seller’s perspective, they love it because the system directs all enquiries to their property and to us as their agent, meaning we now have their details. The system captures people in that early buying stage when you normally don’t get that privilege. As for buyers, it allows prospective buyers to receive detailed information about the property of interest (in the form of a digital buyer booklet) any time of the day or night that they happen to be driving by.

Let’s face it; most of us are time poor these days. Web books save people time by allowing them to decide whether or not it’s worth their while inspecting a property.

Rest assured the virtual number is just that – a virtual number for the purpose of delivering the digital brochure only. It is NOT a means to capture people’s personal information other than their name and mobile number for follow-up purposes on the property of interest only.

We’d love to learn what you think.

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Roe Highway – the facts

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01 February 2017

When it comes to progress within a community, it seems the ‘naysayers’ always seem to have the loudest voice. This has certainly been the case when it comes to the completion of the Roe Highway through to Fremantle Port.

A group that calls itself ‘Pro Roe’ has become increasingly concerned that the opinions of anti-Roe activists are the only ones being seen and heard within the community. To highlight the facts to the broader community, the Pro Roe group recently sought a briefing from the City of Melville on the benefits to the community of completing the Roe Highway as well as the risks of not completing it.

Mayor Russell Aubrey briefed the group and voiced the City’s strong support of the recent announcement by the state government that it would complete the road using a tunnel to minimise impact.

“The City of Melville firmly believes the only solution to growing traffic congestion and chaos throughout this region is to complete Roe Highway and take tens of thousands of vehicles and trucks off our local roads each day,” said Mayor Aubrey.

The Mayor also made reference to the City of Melville’s Fact Vs Fiction campaign that aims to address the misconceptions about the highway. Click here to read the 20 Facts and Fiction sheet.

The key benefits of completing the Roe Highway as highlighted by Mayor Aubrey are:

• Taking a significant number of cars and trucks off the road each day (an estimated 75,000 vehicles and 6,000 trucks).
• Significant reduction in pollution – airborne carcinogenic particles and greenhouse gases would be reduced by an estimated 450,000 tonnes by 2031.
• Estimated cost savings of more than $820 million in the 20 major road upgrades that would be required if the Roe Highway project didn’t proceed as planned.
• Further environmental benefits with the preservation of green open space, urban forest and the protection of significant natural regional assets.
• Ensuring no homes, properties or jobs are lost in Palmyra and Willagee due to growing congestion and the major upgrades that would be needed if the Roe Highway project didn’t go ahead.
• More long-term job opportunities in the region – less congestion will ensure ongoing business investment in the region and allow people to access new places of work.
• The establishment of an effective transport route for residents throughout the community would give people easier access to important destinations like Fiona Stanley Hospital and Perth Airport.

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