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How will the Withholding Tax changes affect you?

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25 May 2017

A recent change to the Foreign Resident Witholding Tax law has significant implications beyond foreign investors.

From July 1 2017 ALL sellers who expect their property to sell for more than $750,000 (applies to most sellers in the suburbs we look after) must seek a clearance certificate from the ATO as soon as possible after deciding to list their property for sale to avoid any delays to settlement.

These changes, which will apply to contracts entered into, on, or after 1 July 2017, will affect many homeowners.

So what are the changes?

• The relevant threshold for contracts has now been reduced from $2,000,000 to $750,000.
• The withholding tax rate has been increased from 10% to 12.5%.

What do I need to do?

If you are selling a property for more than $750,000 you will need to seek a clearance certificate from the ATO as soon as possible to avoid any delays to settlement.

Without this certificate, 12.5% of the sale proceeds will be paid directly to the ATO on settlement.

How do I apply for a clearance certificate?

You can apply for the certificate in one of two ways – via your accountant or lodge an online application directly via the ATO website.

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Tips to shine at the Open House

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12 May 2017

Just mentioning the words ‘Open House’ to some people is enough to send them into a mild panic. But with a little forward planning and the right information, you can quickly turn the stress into confidence and excitement knowing your home is dressed for success.

• Think of the open house as a first date or job interview

Start by thinking of the open house as a first date or an interview for a job. In either of those scenarios you would take extra time to ensure you make a great impression. The same is true for the open house. The first impression can literally make or break the experience. Make it a good one by de-cluttering, doing a thorough spring clean, and creating a welcoming ambience.

• Immaculate presentation suggests a well-maintained home

When a home is beautifully presented at the Open House it sends a subliminal message to buyers that the owners have maintained the home well. This in turn suggests that there will be less chance of encountering hidden problems after they have moved in should they decide to buy it.

• Love thy neighbour

This may seem like an odd suggestion, but when mowing your front lawn and you notice that your neighbour’s front lawn is overgrown, why not ask if they would mind if you mow their lawn as well? Street appeal is important as most people do a drive by before an inspection. And they won’t just be checking out your place; they will also be checking out the neighbourhood and your neighbours.

• Light it up

During the marketing campaign, it is a good idea to switch on any external lights just before sunset and leave them on until you go to bed at night, as many people today will drive by after hours.

• Accessorise

Sometimes the small things can make all the difference. While we suggest you de-clutter your home, some people tend to take this too far and the home ends up looking a bit cold and uninviting. We recommend you accessorise to suit the season. For an autumn/winter sale, a few tastefully scattered cushions and cosy throws create a warm welcoming ambience. Some other ideas include:

– Hanging your best colour coordinated towels in the bathroom
– Switch off all electronic devices and clear all paperwork from a home office desk
– Buy some fresh flowers or fruit to create a centrepiece for a dining or coffee table

• Create a welcoming atmosphere

Think about the senses. Are there any pet or strong food odours in the home? Is the home a comfortable temperature for people to walk through? Try the following tips:

– Open all windows at least an hour before the Open House to rid your home of any unpleasant odours.
– Create a subtle (but not overpowering) aroma in the home. Freshly baked bread, muffins or freshly ground coffee are still popular choices. These days the choice of quality plug-ins, essential oils and fragrant candles are also excellent choices to enhance the mood in the home.
– Adjust the room temperature before the Open House to ensure your home is comfortable for people to walk through – neither too warm nor too cold.
– Ensure any toilet seats are down.
– Your agent is the best person to ask about playing any ambient music in the home, as he or she knows the type of people who will be attending.

A good agent will check all of the above before the Open House and ensure all last minute touches are in place before show time.

• Park any cars in the garage if you have one

• Plan to make yourself scarce

Potential buyers always feel more comfortable to have a good look around the home when the owners aren’t present.

• Take pets off the premises during the Open House if possible

• Remove any junk mail on the day

• Don’t arrange to have a council rubbish collection during the Open House campaign

Ensure any bulk roadside collection is done before the first Open House.

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