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Tips to keep your home inspection ready

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29 March 2019

You’ve prepared your home beautifully to go to market. It’s been freshly painted and de-cluttered, new carpets have been laid, the timber floors have been polished and it presents beautifully inside and out.

Now for the real challenge – how to keep it that way for the duration of the sales campaign?

Here are some tips to keep your home inspection ready.

1. Use your campaign photos as a template
Properties look at their absolute best when the professional photos are taken. If the agent or photographer has styled your home in a certain way on photo day, you can be confident that they have done so for good reason. Reference the photos to see which lights have been switched on for effect and how your cushions and throw rugs have been placed etc. Then copy what was done on the morning of your open home or before a buyer inspection.

2. Clean and tidy as you go
Let’s face it. Unless you move out, life goes on as normal in your home. And we all know what that means, especially if you’ve got kids and pets! Mess is part of life. But if you keep personal effects and clutter to a minimum during the campaign, you’ll find there is less ‘stuff’ to create a mess with.

Simple things like making the beds every morning, keeping on top of the dishes, wiping over the kitchen and bathroom benches at the end of each day, and hanging, folding and putting away clothes will help keep your home inspection ready without the overwhelm factor at the end of the week. Get your kids to help (a small reward can work a treat).

3. Move out
Moving out may not be possible for everyone but it is a growing trend for sellers, especially those with kids where both parents work full time. It’s the easiest way to keep your home looking like a show room for the entire campaign. Some people are opting to move in with family for a few weeks or into an Airbnb. If you can pull it off, moving out is worth considering.

4. Relocating the family pet
We talked about this in our blog last week but it’s equally relevant here. If your dog or cat is shedding or they are at home alone a lot while you’re at work, it could be worth investigating if they can stay at a family or friend’s place or at a boarding kennel while your home is on show.

5. Be disciplined
It’s not uncommon for sellers to be super motivated and organised in the first two weeks on the market. But come week 3 or 4 and things can become a bit lax. It’s important that you stay the course. Remember, the greater the effort you put in while your home is on show, the better the outcome.

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Selling tips for pet owners

by ShelMarkblog In Uncategorized

22 March 2019

When selling your home, keeping it inspection-ready at all times is hard enough without having pets to contend with as well. While we love them dearly, pets do add an additional challenge to the table when selling. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Here are some tips when selling with one or more pets.

Remove your pet from the property during Open Homes
You could ask a close friend or neighbour to look after your pet while your home is on show. Or perhaps you could consider doggy day care. Check online for services available near you.

Let your pet have a holiday away from home during the sales campaign
While it may not be practical to remove your pet from your property for a number of weeks, it is a great idea if you feel comfortable leaving your pet in someone else’s care during that period. It will make keeping your property inspection ready much easier and less stressful.

Remove pet hair
Anyone who owns a dog or a cat, depending on the breed, knows how much hair they can shed, especially in the warmer months. Pet hair all over the carpet and furnishings is a turn-off for prospective buyers, as is constant sneezing for someone allergic to dogs or cats.

When selling, it’s important to ensure the experience for buyers coming through is a positive one.

Paying a professional to clean your carpets and other hair-heavy areas before the campaign starts is money well spent.

Remove signs of your pet & their odour
There is no point removing your cat from the home during inspections if you leave the litter tray in the laundry. The same is true for your dog’s bed, toys, bones and droppings in the back yard.

Once removed, pay attention to any lingering pet odours. Most people find that removing the evidence will also remove the odours. But just to be sure, create a subtle (but not overpowering) aroma in the home. Freshly baked bread, muffins or freshly ground coffee are still popular choices. These days the choice of quality plug-ins, essential oils and fragrant candles are also excellent choices to enhance the mood in the home and remove any lingering doggy or feline odours.

Don’t stress
Last but not least, remember you’re not the only one who loves their four-legged friend. Many potential buyers specifically look for a home that is pet friendly – a home that is fully fenced with some lawn in the back yard, a home that may have a doggy or cat door installed, a home that is close to parks and trails for walks with their best friend etc.

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The right story sells houses

by ShelMarkblog In Uncategorized

15 March 2019

They say a picture tells a thousand words and we couldn’t agree more when it comes to selling property. What many people fail to put enough emphasis on though is the story that accompanies the photos – the copywriting.

Here’s why professional copywriting is just as important as professional shots when selling a property.

1. It tells (and sells) the story
Great copy takes prospective buyers on a journey. It enables them to imagine themselves in the picture – living in the home and in that location, making new and wonderful memories there.

2. It focuses on the benefits
Rather than simply listing the features of a property, well-written copy highlights the benefits to the specific target markets for the property. For instance, if the target market is families with teenage children, it will highlight things like the games room, the two living areas and that the master bedroom is separate to the ‘kids wing’; in other words, all the features that give parents and teens the space they need to come together and spend time apart (anyone with teens will know the benefit in that)!

If it is a property targeting families with young children, on the other hand, it would highlight things like the benefits of having a lawn area large enough to kick a ball, the pool that is in full view of the kitchen and the fact that children can walk to school safely without having to cross a busy road.

3. It is well-written and polished
Copy that is riddled with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and incomplete sentences tarnishes a property marketing campaign and can turn buyers away. Well-written, error-free and succinct copywriting conveys professionalism and entices buyers to want to know more.

At the end of the day, buyers don’t buy unless there is emotional engagement. By selling the story and the benefits, professionally written property marketing (copy and photos) encourages buyers to become emotionally engaged and fall in love with the dream. After all, a home is far more than just bricks and mortar.

For all these reasons we always use a professional copywriter as well as a professional photographer for all our property marketing campaigns.

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Make an offer or risk losing your ideal home

by ShelMarkblog In Uncategorized

07 March 2019

As real estate professionals, it is frustrating when we are faced with a disappointed buyer who failed to secure their ideal home simply because they hesitated to put forward an offer.

This is made even more frustrating for them when they see the property sold for a price they would have been prepared to pay.

The times we see this happen most often is during a soft market, such as the market we have been experiencing in Perth over the past couple of years.

So we thought we would share a few common traps to avoid when buying property.

Assuming the market will keep going down
If you wait until you think the market can’t go any lower, you can almost be guaranteed that it will rise and you’ll end up paying more. You have a window of opportunity when the market is calm so this is a good time to make offers. The only sign we will get if the market is at its lowest point is when it starts to improve. By then it’s too late, as the market will have begun escalating.

Waiting for a price reduction
This is a very common mistake. Many properties are sold before they have an advertised price reduction because somebody made an offer and the owner accepted it. The offer is usually below the asking price, but you won’t see it or get a chance to put your offer in. The bottom line is, if you are interested in a property, submit an offer. Otherwise you will miss out to the person who steps forward. Homes are sold to people who act decisively.

Waiting until you’ve found the perfect home before you list your own home on the market for sale.
It is important to be ready to buy if you’re serious about securing the perfect home. This means having your own home sold or listed on the market for sale so you will have ready access to funds for a deposit on your new home.

If you love it, make an offer. Don’t be concerned that there could be something better. In our experience, many buyers who like to shop around in case they find a better home end up back at the first home they looked at, only to find it has sold in the meantime.

Failing to secure finance
Shopping around for finance and obtaining finance approval takes time. To avoid disappointment and know, with certainty, how much you have to spend, our best advice is to secure your finance early (or at least approval in principle) if you’re serious about buying.

Failing to register your details
Some homes these days are listed for sale without being advertised at all (we talked about the Silent Sale method in last week’s newsletter). Registering your details with us, including what you are looking for in a property, allows us to alert you to all the properties (advertised and non-advertised) that match what you’re looking for.

Remember, you could be competing with many other buyers for the same property, especially when the marketplace is moving quickly. Being prepared allows you to act decisively. If you love it, make an offer.

If you’re thinking about moving, contact us so we can help ensure you don’t lose the home you love to someone else.

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Why overpricing your home is a bad idea

by ShelMarkblog In Uncategorized

01 March 2019

It may seem logical to think that setting the price of your home above market value when selling might be a good idea to give buyers room for negotiation. You may also think that doing so would allow you to pay the agent their commission without compromising what you receive from the sale proceeds. If you think this sounds like a win/win, you’re not alone.

The reality however is that overpricing your home could actually do more harm than good. Why? Because an overpriced property is likely to take longer to sell.

Overpriced homes attract fewer buyers at open homes and fewer clicks online. This then causes buyers to lose interest and perhaps even wonder if there is something wrong with the property. And the longer a property lingers on the market, the lower the price when it eventually sells.

Properties that are realistically priced from the get-go, on the other hand, are more likely to sell within the higher end of its value scale in a shorter timeframe.

Of course, there are a number of things that contribute to the time a house spends on the market. However, the initial pricing structure has proven to be one of the most influential factors in determining the time to closing.

There is a common misconception that real estate agents have a tendency to undervalue properties in order to get them sold as quickly as possible. However a professional real estate agent is more concerned with ensuring their client’s property is accurately priced in line with current market conditions.

With this in mind, it is important to be receptive to your agent’s advice on the price point and also on how to prepare your property for sale so that it attracts the market you are going for. A well-presented, competitively priced and professionally marketed new listing attracts a lot of attention, increasing the prospect for a favourable sale price without the need for a price reduction. It’s about taking advantage of the early momentum. As they say, first impressions count, not only with the look of your home, but also in terms of its price point.

Contact us if you would like a current marketplace appraisal of your home.

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